Internet explorer password recovery software recover lost forgotten saved login data unmask tool restore all identity passwords from internet explorer reveal secret code hidden behind asterisks revealer utility rescue entrance details of various email services like Gmail, yahoo, hotmail

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Windows Applications Password Revealer Tool

Internet Explorer Password Recovery and Windows Applications passwords unmask tool recover all type of internet explorer saved passwords that includes password for lost or forgotten Email accounts, Newspaper group, Online shopping, Magazine subscription, Web forms, Billing addresses, Search engine accounts or any password protected windows application. The windows application unmask tool provides a simple solution to retrieve internet explorer passwords and auto complete data strings. Finds the user name from auto complete field and reveal password hidden behind asterisks saved in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

If you have password saved in your various email account memory including Yahoo, MSN, G-mail, Hotmail, Windows screen saver, MSIE AutoComplete fields, MS Access database files or administrator password you forgot what it is, Data Doctor password unmask software uncover hidden password that are covered by asterisks of any windows application or any password protected text box. It successfully shows the password of any IE or any windows application and other similar records and successfully uncovers the password of FTP Client software and ZIP, RAR, PDF, ACE files password and many more similar records.

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Software features are listed below:

  • Easily recovers all lost or forgotten Internet explorer and windows application saved passwords.
  • Show the complete list of configured users together with the identity passwords.
  • Recover passwords, logins and server names instantly for all e-mail and newsgroup account.
  • Support all versions of Internet explorer.
  • Safely unmask and restore password within second time.
  • Simple and easy to use password recovery utility with or without any technical skills!