Website monitoring real time multithreaded tool measures critical inaccessible down web sites performance traffic analysis provide customized alert options including sound, alarm, email free monitor software support internet protocols email server, domain name servers, file transfer protocol, telnet, UDP, Ping(ICMP) routers/firewall

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Website monitoring tool

Website monitoring tool easily monitors your down inaccessible website performance in real time. The website monitoring software examines your website due to any error message that includes ‘Host not Found’, ‘Connection Failed’, ‘Server Not Found’, ‘Low Bandwidth’, ‘Low Connectivity network status’ and more. This professional web site monitoring tool supports all your major servers including HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol), HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure), SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), POP3 (Post Office Protocol) and FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

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Software features are listed below:

  • Provide real time website monitoring software tool.
  • Support all major servers including HTTP, SMTP, HTTPS, POP3 and FTP protocols.
  • Create and monitors number of profile at a time.
  • The software provides you to switch from normal monitoring view to advance monitoring view.
  • Easy with GUI interface makes it easy and safe to use!