Professional windows data recovery tool repair deleted corrupted partition file recover formatted folders restore inaccessible encrypted compressed files rescue virus infected boot sector records.

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The software provides fastest economical data recovery solution to all your data loss problems on Windows operating system that recovers lost deleted files and folders stored on your Desktop or Laptop PCs. Support both FAT and NTFS file system and retrieves most important data lost after accidental deletion, virus attack, software malfunctioning, partition error, system crash or even sabotage. Easiest files recovery even when formatted your hard drive partition loosing data partially or completely including SATA IDE ATA and SCSI hard disk drive.

The undelete software is quick to examine your inaccessible hard drives with standard and advance search option for lost data recovery. The hard disk files recovery software supports recovery when damaged MBR (Master boot record) or even if root directory, boot sector or file allocation table (FAT) entries are corrupted. Software supports both encrypted and compressed files and provides best graphical user interface alternate to other recovery tools.

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Software features are listed below:

  • Recovers lost/deleted data: The software recovers all lost deleted files and folders from your Desktop or Laptop PCs.
  • Partition data recovery: The software restores data from corrupted formatted reformatted missing or deleted partitions.
  • Virus data recovery: Support data recovery from any virus infected drive.
  • Data recovery when emptied recycle bin: The software support data recovery when emptied recycle bin or data deleted directly using shift delete keys.
  • Data recovery due to Software/Hardware failure or malfunctioning.
  • Support both FAT and NTFS file system.
  • Enhanced recovery from SATA, IDE, ATA and SCSI drives.
  • Data recovery when damaged MBR or root directory corruption.
  • Preview files and folders before actual recovery.
  • Easy to use with out any technical knowledge!

Added features:

  • Fast downloading time.
  • Reduced Hard disk scanning time.
  • More attractive graphical user interface.